15/02/11The playstation phone will be a android phone. You will be able to buy games from the playstation network. The main issue is the size, it will be about twice the size of the iphone (i think). It will have the android market, google maps 5.0, google voice actions, Gmail, youtube, google talk, facebook, google search and google eart all pre loaded.

for any body who likes the complacated stuff I only just under stand here you go..

  • Latest, fastest, Google Android™ smartphone platform (Gingerbread)
  • 4” multi-touch, scratch-resistant display
  • Voice Search for simple hands-free browsing
  • 5.1MP auto focus camera with LED flash
  • Music player, stereo speakers
  • 8GB micro SD (included), upgradable to 32GB

visit http://www.youtube.com/sonyericsson for vids

 10/02/11Xperia Play phone will be revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 13th.

09/02/2011It has been comfermed, playstation will be making a phone! Sony have been (badly) trying to keep it secret. It will be called  the Xperia Play. owner can download games (and possablely movies) from the playstation network. Look out on the 18th of feb for more news at the official anoncment. http://www.facebook.com/sonyericsson

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